Why do we need dev branch?

I was using master as a dev branch and I tought that dev branch is not necessary. I changed my mind. I did't need dev branch. Because, my projects didn't need urgent bugfix or hotfix releases. But not getting in any trouble without dev branch doesn't mean everything is always

Django Disable Queryset Cache

Django has a marvalous database access optimization for querysets. Whenever same queries are tried to be executed, django does not access the database repeadetly. It is using cache for same parts. This is an effective optimization for database queries. But when a query has frequent changes , this optimization might be

Hive - Custom UDF

Apache Hive is a project which provides SQL dsl which is HiveQL on top of map-reduce in hadoop ecosystem. Mapper(s) and reducer(s) are produced by hive according to given SQL. It is an alternative to Apache Pig. There are too many built-in functions in Hive. But sometimes we

Python private değişken ve fonksiyonlar

Başlık ve içerik ancak bu kadar çelişebilir. Python'da aslında private olan hiçbirşey yoktur. Herşey dışarıdan erişilebilir durumdadır. Ancak private, işlevine ihtiyaç duyduğumuz 'yanlışlıkla bir değişkeni veya bir metodu ezme' problemini engellemek için bir yol mevcuttur. (For english, you can check sites Private Functions in Python and Why are Python's 'private'

Pip Install From a Git Repository

Pip is a package manager of python. You can download Python libraries from some Python repositories like PyPI. You can also download libraries from a git repository. This is gonna be the issue to be explained in this article. I don't like to memorize things all the time. So, I